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Jank Bank

Thriving IbexHello and welcome to the latest installment of the Jank Bank, a segment in which I take a dumb concept or bad combo to its natural conclusion, and see what happens. This week I’m investigating the viability of goats in modern.

Thriving Ibex

Of all of the modern legal goat cards, the only actual goat creature is Thriving Ibex.  At first glance, this card seems like it doesn’t have much of a chance in modern, after all at a whopping four mana it has to compete with the likes of Thought-Knot Seer. But if you give it a second look you’ll confirm all of these suspicions and realize that it is, in fact, total garbage.

Trading Post

Our only real goat producers are Trading Post , Springjack Pasture and Springjack Shepherd. Trading Post is a bit slow, and the goat production is possibly the worst mode, so we can write that off. Springjack Pasture  is also a bit too slow , at 4 mana per goat it’s really not worth building around, but is useful as a supplement to a strong goat strategy.


This leaves us with Springjack Shepherd, a card that has the potential to pump put an absolute truckload of goat tokens, but how do we take advantage of this? We need to amass white mana costs to maximize our Chroma numbers, and then reap in the value from all of the Goats. The most obvious option that springs to my mind for that is Soul Warden.

Every Springjack Shepherd we cast is a guarantee of at least a couple of Soul Warden triggers, if we can flicker our Shepherds then that’s even more value for us, add a Panharmonicon into the mix and we’re nigh unkillable (except for infect but that’s what sideboards are for).

But how do we actually win? With Soul Sisters staple Ajani’s Pridemate of course, and Honor of the Pure to turn all of our 0/1 Goat tokens into 1/2 Goat tokens, which sounds bad, but later into the game it’s not uncommon to have ten or more Goats lying around.

You can check out the full decklist here: Springjack Sisters

I have also put together a budget version here: Springjack Sisters Budget

The Goat Woman


Springjack Shepherd

At the center of this deck, Springjack Shepherd has a lot of responsibility, we need lots of goats to win and she is the woman with the goats. We need her as much as she needs us, so to make sure we can hit her on curve we’re also running Kithkin Harbinger.

The Sisters

soul warden

Soul Warden and Soul’s Attendant

The real driving force behind this deck, the Soul Sisters give us the lifegain we need to stay in the game until we have a gigantic Ajani’s Pridemate or we hit critical goat mass.


Auriok Champion

Recently reprinted, and no longer a burden to our wallet, Auriok Champion is very strong here, with the additional devotion to white in the mana cost, we get more goats. The protection from black and red ensures that she won’t just die to lightning bolt too.

The Actual Wincons


Ajani’s Pridemate

Whenever we gain life, the Pridemate gets bigger, whenever we create a goat we gain life from Soul Warden. This is good for the goat based lifegain strategy.


Honor of the Pure

This makes all of our goats stronger, the more goats we have the more power we gain from casting this. Once we go wide with a large number of goats this can be a very quick game ender.


Mirror Entity

Technically a goat, and makes all of our goats bigger, much bigger, especially if a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is on the board.

The Extras


Flickerwisp and cloudshift

These allow us to extract extra value from all of our creatures. In particular Kithkin Harbinger and Springjack Shepherd are stellar targets. Flickerwisp is especially useful to us because of its double white mana cost, and has some excellent synergy with Panharmonicon.



We would be insane not to use Panharmonicon in this deck, we’re built entirely around enter the battlefield effects, so casting this makes us approximately twice as strong.


Path to Exile

This is a white deck in modern.

The Conclusion

While this deck isn’t going to be the next rogue deck taking down a GP, Soul Sisters is always going to be a niche deck on the periphery of the top tiers, looking up and dreaming of the day it can be as meta defining as Death’s Shadow. Springjack Sisters is in a similar spot, looking up at regular Souls Sisters and asking.

“Why was I created?”

“For FNM my child” Replies the Serra Ascendant.

ascendant full

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