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Greetings all my wonderful jank lovers! Today we’re gonna talk about some counterspells you may not know about, and maybe even some you’ll want to play! Let’s get to looking!


Equinox in Legends

So, this is a land enchantment that lets you tap the land to counter land destruction. Now on the one hand, that’s awesome enough, countering Armageddon, but if we take this to Noyan Dar, we have a recipe for countering any and all wraths that destroy creatures, which a sweet deal for a one-mana investment and one mana every counter.

Order of the Sacred Torch and Stromgald Cabal

Order of the Sacred Torch in Ice Age    Stromgald Cabal in Ice Age

Got some color hosers in black and white, happened a lot back in the day. Essentially, paying 3 mana and X life to counter X target black or white spells until the creature bites the dust, and these get substantially better in a deck looking to change colors using shenanigans like Darklace and Isochron Scepter, which is a deck I’d play in a heartbeat.

Withering Boon

Withering Boon in Mirage

Now we’ve all heard of Dash Hopes, my favorite counterspell in the game I think, but here’s the other counter-with-downside Black has to offer. Remove Soul with a cost of 3 life stapled to it isn’t bad if you reeeally need to counter an opposing Razaketh, the Foulblooded in mono-black.

Molten Influence

Molten Influence in Odyssey

Ahh, up there with weird red punisher cards like Vexing Devil and Browbeat, except this time it’s either Counterspell or Boros Charm, which is a good rate for any counterspell I think. Worth looking at in combo decks using red, but I like the idea of a punisher burn deck that lets you either burn everyone out or get insane advantage.


Brown Ouphe in Mirrodin    Ouphe Vandals in Fifth Dawn

Got a real problematic Thousand-Year Elixir or Contagion Engine? Enter the Ouphes! Originally seeing print in Ice Age, Brown Ouphe came back to us in the artifact world of Mirrodin, with a couple friends to boot. They’re really niche, but worth considering if artifact activated abilities are really doing you in. They can even counter Memnarch activations, but my dream is to counter Aetherflux Reservoir.

Null Brooch

Null Brooch in Exodus

Ooo, more counters for my Kozilek Control deck. Being colorless is sweet, and if you’re looking to empty your hand anyway it’s an awesome way to immediately get Hellbent for Hazoret the Fervent or Infernal Tutor, depending on your budget. The best part of it in colorless decks is it does a real job of protecting your own stuff from counters, if you can afford the handlessness.

Now I bet you’re wondering: Where’re the blue ones? Don’t you worry, here they are!


Abjure in Weatherlight

One-mana counter at the cost of a blue permanent. Now, lands have no color, so that’s out, but it’s a really nice bit of tech in token decks like Meloku the Clouded Mirror, makin tokens and being low-ish on mana means a one-mana hard counter for saccing some random 1/1 is a sweet deal.

Diplomatic Escort

Diplomatic Escort in Mercadian Masques

Comes with the downside of only targeting things that target creatures, but hitting abilities is really cool, since it lets you get around certain abilities like Royal Assassin, or other abilities that are actually good. Discarding a card is fine in blue, as well, so win-win-win.

Grip of Amnesia

Grip of Amnesia in Judgment

Early game counter? No. Anti- Meren of Clan Nel Toth tech? Absolutely. Your opponents can pay the cost even if their graveyard is empty, but if you have any reanimation or graveyard decks in your meta at all, this one’s a gamechanger. Even people who aren’t playing graveyard decks might be like “ehhhh, what if though” and let it counter, which is pretty awesome.

Lilting Refrain

Lilting Refrain in Urza's Saga

The verse counter cycle is awesome in its own right, I’m a gigantic fan anyway. This one is particularly cool since it’s sort of an intimidation piece, people might play with no real care initially but once you get 4 or so counters on it it gets to be real, especially in Atraxa and other counters-matter decks like Vorel.

Disciple of the Ring

Disciple of the Ring in Magic Origins

I think this is a pretty underrated Mythic, it’s not stellar but it has some neat abilities like a counterspell on a stick and some untap abilities, which blue decks can never get enough of. 5 mana, yes, but the repeatability on this is enough to consider it in Mairsil decks I think, considering the crazy utility.

Ice Cave

Ice Cave in Apocalypse

A slightly-more-fair version of Invoke Prejudice, which would be on the list if it weren’t a million literal dollars. It’s awesome in four or five color decks, or decks running Chromatic Lantern, but I could even see playing Spectral Searchlight and giving an opponent one color of mana to save the day!

Ayesha Tanaka

Ayesha Tanaka in Legends

Oh for goodness sake…

Alright my countermages, you’re all ready to go and control everyone’s spells with all the weird and wacky counters I’ve shown you today! Keep your eyes peeled for my next article, all about Rampant Growths you may not have tutored for yet!

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