Slice of (Colour) Pie: The Gruuling Challenge Burger

Slice of (Colour) Pie

Hey everybody, and welcome back to another edition of Slice of (Colour) Pie! Today is our last 2-colour combination! Red and Green, or Gruul as it’s known on Ravnica! Get ready for a lot of ramp, and a lot of stomp! (I feel like Crazy!). So let’s dive in and look at what Gruul has to offer in edh!


Strengths, and how to play to them


So Red/Green likes big creatures, and likes to hit your opponents hard! The big bodies on creatures like Deus of Calamity, Dragonlord Atarka and Shivan Wurm make them difficult to deal with unless you have unconditional removal, and also deters people from attacking (or in some cases, blocking!). In addition to this, Gruul has access to a surprising number of creature tutors, with Signal the Clans, Worldly Tutor and Traverse the Ulvenwald all being on colour (not to mention Gamble, to tutor for anything!). The green portion also gives you countless land tutor cards, making it easy to rush out your giant creatures early, and in some cases (Omnath, Locust of Rage) tutoring land can become incredibly powerful! Red/Green also has access to plenty of artifact removal, including Artifact Mutation, and the overkill that is Decimate.


Weaknesses, and what to look out for


It could be argued that one of Gruul’s biggest weaknesses is in fact it’s strength; Creatures. So often these decks pull out a board full of powerful creature cards, only have an opponent cast Wrath of God and watch it all get blown away. This can somewhat be accounted for with the inclusion of cards such as Regrowth and Noxious Revival, but losing all your creatures and having little to no way of stopping it happen can be infuriating. In addition to this, Red/Green has very little defence against counter magic, although in a creature heavy deck, Spellbreaker Behemoth or Vexing Shusher can be very good additions!


Key cards and potential commanders


So there’s a few big guys with legendary slapped on them here, as well as some cool cards that will really help boost your red/green decks’ power level!

Borborygmos Enraged – This guy is big, he has trample, and when he hits an opponent, he gives you card advantage (kind of!). Plus he lets you discard land to bolt stuff!

Dragonlord Atarka – Another big boy, Atarka has trample and flying, and upon entry, lets you deal 5 damage divided as you choose amongst creatures and planeswalkers! That’s removal on a stick, that’s repeatable if he’s your commander!

Mina and Denn, Wildborn – A slightly smaller commander for a change, but this one lets you play additional land on your turns, as well as letting you bounce land and pay 2 to give something trample!

Omnath, Locust of Rage – Ahhh, one of Crazy’s favourites! Omnath is a beast of an engine, especially with fetch lands (or any land tutor really). Creating big creature tokens that deal damage when they die as long as he’s around means that he needs to be dealt with immediately or you’re in for a world of hurt.

Ruric Thar, the Unbowed – Ruric is an interesting commander when built around properly, as he opens up the potential for stax decks in green/red. His ability means that just removing him will probably cost your opponents life, and if they leave him alive, they’re going to be dying pretty fast of they want to cast non-creatures!

Samut, Voice of Dissent – Now Samut has a special place in my heart, as the head of one of my own commander decks! Her activated ability has the cost of white, technically making her a 3-colour commander, and it allows you to untap another creature (Surprisingly useful!) and she also has keywords galore, as well as giving your other creatures haste too! I use her as the head of a kiki/twin deck, but I think she has way more applications than many give her credit for!

Tana, the Bloodsower – Had to include a Partner commander in here! Tana is a cool commander to have if you want a token theme, with her ability creating saprolings (making more the bigger she gets)!

Thromok the Insatiable– Thromok is really cool in a token based build, with devour ability making him as big or small as you like, assuming you have the sacrifice outlets. Combine this with effects that trigger when creatures die, and you have some awesome synergy!

Xenagos, God of Revels– Nothing like an indestructible god! His ability to not only give a creature haste, but also double it’s power, can be devastating when dropping a powerful creature with trample!

Artifact Mutation– Not only does it destroy target artifact at instant speed, but it also creates saproling tokens, and as we mentioning with Thromok, tokens can be very useful!

Atarka’s Command– This one has so may uses! Stopping your opponents gaining life can interupt infinite combos and win cons, Dealing 3 damage to each opponent is always good, putting a land from your hand straight to the battlefield is a great way to get ahead (and triggers Omanth!) and giving all your creatures +1/+1 can be used effectively both for offence and defense!

Domri Rade– So his +1 is card advantage in the right build. His -2 is removal in Green/Red, and his -7? In the right deck, that’s a wincon right there!

Fires of Yavimaya– Nice and simple- GIves everything you control haste, and you can sacrifice it to buff everything to get that extra damage in for the kill!

Firespout– There aren’t many board wipes in red/green, but this is the most red/green board wipe ever! It deals damage, and can hit just flyers, just non-flyers, or both!

Guttural Response– I know, it’s extremely situational, but how could I not include a counterspell in the least counterspelly colour combination?!

Manamorphose– Now here’s a card I love! Im going to pay green/red and 1, to create 2 blue mana, draw a card, and then cast counterspell (I know, branching into 3 colours there, but this card is so effective!)

Savage Twister– There aren’t many, but there’s more than one way to wipe a board in green/red! and dealing X damage to each creature helps you keep your big beaters around whilst clearing your opponents’ blockers!

Signal the Clans– One of my favourite cards. In the right deck (Like my Riku and Samut Kiki/Twin decks) this card can help you win the game super early! At just 2 mana, it lets you search for 3 creatures, and if they have different names, at one at random to your hand! Now just for a moment, think about this- Deciever Exarch, Pestermite, Bounding Krasis…. They all have different names….

Spellbreaker Behemoth– A key card in any creature based Gruul deck! This card sticks the middle finger up to blue players, forcing them to deal with your creatures without counter spells! I would highly recommend this guy!

Zhur-taa Druid– Last but not least! Its a 2- mana dork granted, but it also deals 1 damage to each opponent whenever you tap it for mana! It’s pretty cool, and it’s on colour!


So there we have it, the tenth and final 2-colour combination in Slice of (Colour) Pie! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the article (and the previous ones!) and if you’de like to see me branch into 3-colour, please let me know! But for now, it’s by from Yami!

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