Points of Synergy – Adun Oakenshield

Good morrow, Lords and Ladies! Welcome to another Points of Synergy. This time around, I have something short and sweet for you: The Legendary Adun Oakenshield!

The Commander


Adun is a relatively unique commander mechanically: While most Jund commanders care about putting things in the ground (Kresh the Bloodbraided, Shattergang Brothers, Sek’kuar, Deathkeeper), Adun himself has this ability:

  1. GBR, T: Return target creature from your graveyard to your hand.

It’s very interesting, really: If you can help Adun stick, you get a Disentomb a turn. While this doesn’t seem very efficient, it can help him generate quite a lot of card advantage over time, especially with grindy minions like Acidic Slime; this make Adun particularly interested in a value-based Jund Reanimator build. So, how can we take advantage of this?

Synergysire of insanity

Sire of Insanity – A spicy piece of tech, the Sire of Insanity puts everybody in topdeck mode as soon as you pass the turn. Being unable to keep hold of a hand heavily disrupts Control or Combo decks (especially when paired with Leyline of the Void), and can help keep your graveyard topped up on creatures for Adun to retrieve, effectively drawing you extra cards while keeping your opponents off of them. For players wary of opposing counterspells, this guy should be permanently on your radar.

Genesis, Oversold Cemetery – Now, sometimes our game plans don’t turn out as we plan. Sometimes Adun can’t stick, and sometimes he becomes so expensive to commander tax that he becomes inaccessible. These cards allow the Adun deck some redundancy, offering not one, but TWO extra effects that mimic Adun’s, allowing the Jund value engine to keep churning. Genesis can be set up as and when when combined with quintessential reanimator staples Entomb and Buried Alive, allowing unparalleled resilience that requires dedicated graveyard hate in order to be dealt with.

shriekmawEvoke creatures: Shriekmaw, Ingot Chewer, etc – These guys are true powerhouses in Adun’s arsenal. Sorceries that are creatures in the graveyard, we can always cast them cheap again and again when we need their utility, and can cast them full price when we need the bodies to push for the board. Being in Jund allows us a lot of the good utility evoke creatures, besides the afforementioned Shriekmaw and Ingot Chewer Jund also gets access to flyer hate in Cloudthresher, Grave hate in Offalsnout, burn in Spitebellows, or token generation in Walker of the Grove. The ability to choose between the two allows Adun to have a very flexible base of utility creatures, letting him go more creature-heavy than a lot of commanders without sacrificing the utility of other spells.


That’s it for this week guys! Anybody running Adun? I’d be interested to hear about it: While he’s simple, he’s unique in this colour combination. For now though guys, Unmistakable, out.

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