Points of Synergy – Adamaro, First to Desire

Hey again everyone, welcome to another edition of Points of Synergy, the article series where I go through the basics of maximising your commander. This week, let’s have a look at Adamaro, First to Desire.

The Commander


On the face of it, Adamaro is a very simple commander. And he is; he has one ability, but it doesn’t mean that he’s boring.

  1. Adamaro, First to Desire’s power and toughness are each equal to the number of cards in the hand of the opponent with the most cards in hand.

This, combined with his aggressive 3 cmc, is him. When you’re playing with him in the Command Zone, you want your opponents to have full hands. How can we go about that, though? Drown them.


Howling Mine, Font of Mythos, Anvil of Bogardan – First way we can do it is to just make them draw more naturally. With these anvil of bogardansorts of effects, we can ensure that their hand fills up quicker than it can empty. When they hit their lands their hands will empty, but drawing multiple lands will clog their hands up nicely with enough draw effects. To further slow them down we can couple this with land destruction effects like Boom // Bust, Decree of Annihilation, or Burning of Xinye to screw their mana and slow their castings. Shoutout to Anvil of Bogardan for also maxing their hand size, removing the innate cap on Adamaro’s size.

Shah of Naar Isle – The next piece of Spicy Tech comes straight from Planar Chaos. This card offers an above-board beater for cheap, with the downside that it gets sacrificed next upkeep unless you give your opponents the chance to Ancestral Recall for the pleasure of staring down your Efreet. Usually a straight downside, one that really inhibits the play of this card, usually. But when Adamaro has been down making contact the last couple of turns, those extra cards could be the difference between living or dying by commander damage. Plus the Tempt with Discovery effect comes into play here, as when one player takes the bribe, the others feel pressured into also taking it to avoid losing parity; which benefits Adamaro no end. A niche pick that requires timing for sure, but powerful all the same.

gaze of adamaroGaze of Adamaro, Runeflare Trap, Sudden Impact – Today in Flavour Win corner, comes Adamaro’s Gaze and similar effects. With all of the forced draw effects hands are almost guaranteed to be full, And one of these effects coupled with a Damage Doubler or two will provide a lot of burst to take opponents out of the game. The Trap synergises well with the Shah, as anybody taking the full amount will allow the trap to trigger for its full discount.

Bonus – Vicious Shadows – As a little bonus point in this train of thought, Vicious Shadows provides an easy way to whittle down opponents. Adamaro himself suffers from a lack of evasion through trample or flying, so a way for him to guarantee dealing damage to face will help him race out opponents and keep pressure on through a wall of blockers; it also makes a Blasphemous Act very likely to kill somebody, as this enchantment can easily do upwards of 5 per creature if your draw effects are putting in the required work, often dealing upwards of 50 damage on a congested board state (made more likely when your opponents are desperately emptying their hands, for example).

That’s it for this week, guys! What do you think about Adamaro? Feel free to let me know any feedback you might have and if you like what you see, be sure to like our Facebook Page. For now though, Unmistakable out!

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