Sowing Salt: Top 5 cards in Conspiracy: Take the Crown

Hey there everybody, welcome to our release week edition of Sowing Salt! This week the topic is: With all of these spoilers floating around now, what am I excited to see?

Now, this is fairly open ended. Being mostly reprints, it’s reasonable that reprints be featured on this list. That being said; I’m mostly interested in the fresh offerings. Conspiracy this year has been VERY geared toward shaking up formats; featuring a Chalice of the Void on a stick, a Sultai commander that is legal in Tiny Leaders (All three of you rejoice!), a practical Imperial Recruiter reprint, and more. This week I’ll stress; this is purely opinion based, and is not restricted to my usual element of EDH. Without further ado however, I’ll crack right into the honorable mentions:

Serum Visions, Phyrexian Arena, Inquisition of Kozilek: Solid, mildly pricey reprints, these all share a spot as they all have the same purpose: Super good cards that are in line for a heavy reprint, but are (objectively) too strong for standard. Phyrexian Arena is a black EDH staple, and I never miss an opportunity to use it in my black decks. A constant card advantage engine, it grinds out games like no other card in the honorable mentions section. Inquisition of Kozilek, used heavily in black-based Modern decks such as Abzan, Jund, Wilted Abzan, BW tokens, Golgari splash white, Ad Nauseum, Abzan… the list could go on, really. While an absolutely monstrously efficient spell, itserums price was somewhat out of control. Utilising some leftover art from Oath of the Gatewatch, stressing how ever so close it was to becoming standard legal, this card is still a tool I’m happy to see being let loose once more, even if I don’t plan to use it. Serum Visions is in a very similar boat, used in every non-aggressive blue deck (there aren’t many of those) in modern. Between this printing and the FNM promo last year, Wizards seem to be determined to keep the price down for a while to come. (Note: tiiiiiny bit salty on having acquired one for full price last week)

Ghostly Prison: This reprint rises off of the honorable mention list by being a card close to my heart. In my first excursions into commander, I was a control player on an extreme budget; something that is quite difficult to accomplish. It became a lot easier, when I came across two cards: Ghostly Prison, and Propaganda. These coupled with other enchantments such as Sphere of Safety allowed ghostlythe slow, budget control deck survive while the aggressive decks went at each other. With these fond memories in my mind, you can imagine my dismay when the prison, suffering from limited print (two printings, in Kamigawa and Planechase, neither sets being in high supply) became a valid sideboard option in modern during Eldrazi Winter, when every deck needed a plan against it. Surely enough, the card tripled its price from when I got a hold of one, and an era was over. While the price depreciated to a more accessible price ($11 as of writing), a mass reprint at uncommon will drive this price into the ground, opening up one of my favourite early magic cards back up to the masses, and I couldn’t be happier.

Burgeoning: Remember earlier, when I said the Arena grinds out games like no other? Sliight exaggeration. What we have here is one of the best EDH turn ones in the format. burgeoningIf we’re looking to play a totally fair game of Magic: the Gathering here, this is a disgusting play that earns its (as of writing) $30 price tag. I am super pumped for it for my own decks; though I’m concerned about the future of groups where Timmies get hold of too many of these; Burgeoning is a gateway drug to more hardcore ramp strategies.

Show and Tell: Well, blow me down. Understandably, when this one was unofficially spoiled, I was skeptical. This was in a post-Berserk, pre-Avatar of Woe world, where anything could happen, but surely this was too much? However it was proven true, and consider me thoroughly impressed. A pricey legacy staple (and partial namesake of both Omnitell and Sneak and Show), this one card combo will almost always be great. Personally I prefer my cheating of mana costs to be done asymmetrically, but people will be very happy to get a hold of this, and I can’t say I blame them.

Leovold, Emissary of Trest: You better get used to this guy; on paper he seems nuts. I’ll only give him a light dusting of analysis, leaving the meat and potatoes to my good friend Crazy on the upcoming Legendary Encounters. But, plain and simple, what we have here is leovolda 100% spicy meatball. I have read of multiple ways this guy is unfair, from Howling Mine tribal to restricting hands with Windfall et al. He seems a great supplement to those of us on the Nath of the Gilt-Leaf train, and is a strike out on the direction of ‘Green/black but not reanimator or sacrifice’ that I quite enjoy.

Recruiter of the Guard: Whoa boy. Where to start. Shall I start with Imperial Recruiter reprint? ‘Best Death and Taxes creature since Thalia’? I think I might start with jamming it into my Boonweaver Karador build, personally. The mind reels with the applications of this card, as low toughness good creatures in Wx are not difficult to come by. To give a short summary, recruiteroftheguardGaddock Teeg, Aven Mindcensor, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Karmic Guide, Carrion Feeder, Acidic Slime, Dark Confidant, Academy Rector…. I should stop before I drool on my sleeves. To sing a few more praises, as a creature it’s infinitely more recurrable than something like Demonic Tutor, can be sacced to Birthing Pod, AND has the magical 1 toughness for those of us addicted to Skullclamp. Right, now if you excuse me, I need a cold shower.

That’s that for this set, guys! Agree with my choices? While some of them were certainly opinion based (Ghostly Prison) I’m sure there were no disagreements to the most exciting card of the set. Either way, Conspiracy is shaping up to be a very relevant, exciting set that we should all be looking forward to.

For now, Unmistakable out.

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