No-Cash Commander – Odric, Lunarch Marshal

No-Cash Commander

Hi guys,

Crazy here with the next instalment of “No-Cash commander” – This week we’re going with one of the interesting-looking guys from Shadows over Innistrad. Clocking in at a grand total of $48.50 (£33.80) is Odric, Lunarch Marshal. Tappedout list here but for those on mobile or just don’t want to follow the link, here’s the list:

Creature (24)
 Aegis Angel
 Akroma, Angel of Wrath
 Angel of Jubilation
 Angelic Overseer
 Bastion Protector
 Celestial Archon
 Courier Hawk
 Dawnbringer Charioteers
 Elgaud Inquisitor
 Elite Inquisitor
 Eternal Dragon
 Fiend Hunter
 Geist-Honored Monk
 Harvest Hand
 Herald of War
 Ivory Giant
 Kor Cartographer
 Silverblade Paladin
 Skyhunter Skirmisher
 Soul of Theros
 Stonehewer Giant
 Sun Titan
 Wayward Angel

Artifact (15)
 Bladed Pinions
 Butcher’s Cleaver
 Chitinous Cloak
 Grappling Hook
 Loxodon Warhammer
 Marble Diamond
 Mask of Avacyn
 Masterwork of Ingenuity
 Seer’s Sundial
 Skeleton Key
 Sol Ring
 Strata Scythe
 Swiftfoot Boots
 Sword of Vengeance

Enchantment (6)
 Griffin Guide
 Hyena Umbra
 Intangible Virtue
 Oblivion Ring
 Serra’s Embrace

Land (37)
37  Plains

Instant (12)
 Apostle’s Blessing
 Aura Blast
 Celestial Flare
 Crib Swap
 Dawn Charm
 Midnight Haunting
 Return to Dust
 Swift Justice
 Swords to Plowshares

Sorcery (5)
 Day of Judgment
 Planar Outburst
 Revoke Existence
 Spectral Procession

The Plan

Pretty standard plan for mono-white, assemble a board of some sort and then alpha strike. The reason new Odric is so good for this is that we can give our entire field flying just by having something as little and silly as a Spirit token (A strategy I was very fond of at SoI Prerelease). However – This isn’t limited, we can do MUCH better than a spirit token for our keywords.


Akroma, Angel of Wrath – The most expensive card in the deck, Mana-wise AND Money-wise. I think worth it though being not only a Haste and Trample enabler in mono-white but also giving Flying, Vigilance AND First strike? It’s actually just a budget Akroma’s Memorial for us.

Angelic Overseer – 2 things to note. First, Hexproof and Indestructible is bonkers. Second, Odric is a human, so if you have Hexproof Indestructible on the Overseer you probably also have it on your entire field during combat.

Geist-Honored Monk – Basically Flying and Vigilance but also a pretty big booty. No problems here.

Ivory Giant – Played at the right time you straight up win. Because on top of tapping the opponent’s entire field, he also has haste if he comes in off Suspend. So on the turn he comes in you can drop all the biggest hitters in your hand with haste having just untapped with all of your mana.

Soul of Theros – Triple Keywords and a huge anthem effect. In this deck an insane bomb.

Wayward Angel – The downside is very real but so is a 7/7 Flying Vigilance Trample. Especially when the keywords spread the love.

Other good Keyword spreaders

Aegis Angel, Bastion Protector, Indestructibility – Basically the same card but one comes with Flying. You give Odric indestructible which gives your entire board indestructible – which in combination with Vigilance basically means free damage.

Celestial Archon – Notable due to not only being two relevant keywords but also being sticky since you can bestow it for bonus value.

Courier Hawk, Dawnbringer Charioteers – Bad card + Good Keywords = Good card for us.

Elgaud Inquisitor – More sticky keywords! But this one changes after it dies.

Elite Inquisitor – 2 Relevant keywords with some potential upside. Bit boring but no complaints.

Harvest Hand – What I really mean here is Scrounged Scythe. At this point Menace is pretty hard to come by and with this our commander can be turned into a menace-anthem.

Silverblade Paladin – Double Strike anthem. Let that sink in. Now look down.

Skyhunter Skirmisher – FLYING Double Strike anthem. Bet you never thought you’d see a deck where this guy was a gamewinner.

Topplegeist – The worlds best Suntail Hawk. Can occasionally be just enough to push through lethal and otherwise is just a general pain in multiplayer. Also gives flying!

Intangible Virtue – We’ve got a few cards that give us spirit tokens that have Flying. Now they – and everything else – will have both flying and vigilance!

Midnight Haunting, Spectral Procession – See above

Swift Justice – 2 Keywords for your team for W? Even just for a turn that’s pretty good.

Equipment and Auras

Technically all of this stuff fits in to the previous section but they also have some other synergies in the deck. Many of them are here for the same reasons so I’ll mostly just be listing keywords unless they do something special.

Bladed Pinions – Flying, First Strike

Butcher’s Cleaver – Lifelink for Odric, and that attack boost makes Commander Damage a surprisingly viable out.

Chitinous Cloak – Menace

Fireshrieker – Double Strike

Grappling Hook – Double Strike with Benefits. Great for picking off utility creatures your opponent doesn’t want in combat like Oracle of Mul Daya and the like.

Loxodon Warhammer – Trample, Lifelink, pretty huge power boost.

Mask of Avacyn – Hexproof

Masterwork of Ingenuity – All of the above. Sort of. Second copy of the most useful equip you have down.

Skeleton Key – Skulk. In fact, the only skulk provider in the deck.

Strata Scythe – Just makes something huge.

Swiftfoot Boots – Hexproof Haste, very good.

Sword of Vengeance – Best equipment in the game for this deck. FOUR relevant keywords. Makes for one hell of an alpha strike.

Asha’s Favor – 3 mana for 3 keywords, it’s pretty good.

Griffin Guide – Flying, but also sticky since a boardwipe leaves you with a Griffin. That also flies.

Hyena Umbra – Both First Strike and protection for a valuable target. Like Odric.


Every good deck needs removal, and even on a budget we can fit some pretty nice pieces in.

Fiend Hunter – Journey to Nowhere on a stick. No flicker shenanigans here but still decent value.

Oblivion Ring – Nix target permanent for a bit, great removal for a budget deck like this.

Aura Blast – Crack an enchantment for no loss of card advantage, might not exile like an Erase but card advantage is hard to come by in mono-white.

Celestial Flare – Because everybody hates Rafiq. Great against Voltron decks.

Comeuppance – There’s a bit of hidden text on this card. It says “Counter target Craterhoof Behemoth

Condemn – I can’t believe this card is so cheap. It would be even better if we could still tuck commanders but it’s still incredibly useful.

Crib Swap – The poor man’s Path to Exile. Arguably better in some circumstances since it won’t help out a mana-screwed opponent.

Oblation – Who said Chaos Warp was dead? Is strictly card disadvantage but putting a card where your opponent definitely can’t get it is pretty good.

Return to Dust – Gets one in a pinch or two when you want it. An extremely good piece of removal.

Swords to Plowshares – Another card I couldn’t believe was this cheap! W to exile a creature with little to no downside, truly premium removal.

Day of Judgment, Planar Outburst, Rout – Pretty standard boardwipe suite, a couple with benefits.

Revoke Existence – For when Blightsteel Colossus positively has to die.


The best of the rest – Card draw, Tutor and Ramp.

Angel of Jubilation – An Anthem effect and shuts down certain combo decks too. Looking at you Karador.

Eternal Dragon – Plainscycling is good anyway, but on top of that this guy is recursible.

Herald of War – Well would you look at that, a bomb that ramps us in mono White!

Kor Cartographer – Sure, I’ll play a White Wood Elves.

Stonehewer Giant – “Tutor for target anthem”. Yeah, that’s pretty insane in this deck.

Sun Titan – Will reanimate almost all of the Equipment and Auras in the deck, as well as some of the creatures.

Marble Diamond – It’s a mana rock. Pretty uninteresting but useful.

Seer’s Sundial – A much-needed source of card draw for mono-white.

Sol Ring – You should know this card by now.

Apostle’s Blessing – Someone trying to kill Odric? 1 mana and 2 life to say “Not today thank you.”

Dawn Charm – Counterspells? In MY White deck? It’s more likely than you think. Also has a Fog effect and the ability to save a creature from a boardwipe or just removal.


If this weren’t a budget article, these are the places I’d start for improving the deck.

Sword of Body and Mind (+cycle), Batterskull, Puresteel PaladinStoneforge Mystic – We’re in mono-white with an equipment package, hell yeah we want these cards!

Path to Exile – A modest removal upgrade but certainly a useful one.

Better mana rocks – Plenty of examples here, but we’re pretty slow being mono-white, more rocks would be great.


The deck is certainly too slow for a combo-heavy meta but in a meta filled with similarly creature-based decks you should simply grind them out with value – because their creatures don’t have 4-5 keywords apiece.

May Avacyn’s light protect you all.