About Us

Who are we?


Call me Crazy, everybody does. I like Barbecue sauce on pretty much everything and tend to get a little overenthusiastic about… everything.

I started playing MTG about 3 and a half years ago between the release dates of M13 and Return to Ravnica (Which, by the way, is the greatest set ever). I played “Rakdos Aggro” for the better part of my first 2 years in Standard with about 10 4-drops. Now I play basically any format I have the cards for but Commander and Sealed have special places in my heart.



Hi there, I’m Unmistakable; an ex-student turned deckbuilder with an enjoyment of being spikey on a (relative) budget.

My Magic history dates back to early Return to Ravnica, when my then-girlfriend bought me an M13 deckbuilder’s toolkit; with this toolkit I built my first deck, a vampire-themed aggro deck from the original Innistrad block with a Havengul Vampire as my top end. Not fantastic, but that’s how we did. Now I play primarily for EDH; current living arrangements make other constructed formats difficult, so now I live for the nights where I can have my pals around and we can sling some wizard spells.

Dr Jank

The author known as Dr Jank is obsessed with the overlooked, coming up with brews to make even the chaffiest piece of jank work.

He began playing in earnest during Dragons of Tarkir, and ever since has been trying to make jank work ever since, from mono blue Sphinx’s Tutelage mill to Triskaidekaphobia to Startled Awake. He also loves Evolving Wilds with a passion.


Resident Johnny, Yami enjoys nothing more than assembling blowout combos and soft board locks, second only to aggravating Crazy; the saltier, the better.

He started playing shortly after Unmistakable and Crazy, in Return to Ravnica. Since, he’s been heavily into Standard (anything involving planeswalkers, really), and hugely into EDH. His favourite deck is Riku Twin, but he has been known to aggravate with Brago from time to time.


Hey, it’s Saelisuir! I’m super into Magic and also Dungeons and Dragons, can never get enough nerd!

I started playing Magic around Theros, but really got into it for myself around Return to Ravnica, buying packs and building hot garbage. For the past two years I’ve been deep into EDH, building the silliest things I can get my poor fingers on, including a The Cheese Stands Alone deck. I’m a fan of mostly unknown and forgotten cards, and scaring my friends with my encyclopedic knowledge of old cards.

What is this?

Here is where we’ll be talking about our misadventures in Magic the Gathering. Mostly commander, probably some standard and limited – maybe even some Modern. Should expect a helping of Magic writing and intrigue off of each of us every fortnight or so, with extra posts around set releases when we update all of our Commander decks with some delicious new tech.