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Commander, No-Cash Commander

Hi all, Crazy’s back

For the interested, I’m writing this shortly after returning from an undefeated Battlebond Prerelease with fellow writer Unmistakable – And it’s almost entirely due to two of my favourite new Legendary creatures. So here today is the first pair of Partner commanders in the No-Cash commander series and clocking in at $48.68, we have Regna, the Redeemer and Krav, the Unredeemed!

Tappedout list available here:

The Plan

Gain life to make Regna bring the boys, and then either sacrifice them to Krav for fun and profit or just alpha swing with an Anthem or two. The important thing to note is that Regna activates at the beginning of each end step – Yours and your opponents. That’s a potential 8 warriors each turn at a standard 4-man table, and we have a lot of engines to make it happen, even not including Krav:

Lifegain Engines

Anointer Priest – We have quite a few token generators in the deck, which I’m sure we’ll get to later, and this one helps us pump out dudes. As well as allow us to further benefit from the dudes. Bonus, comes back a second time as a token itself.

Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim – If you’re down on life she’s pretty much a backup Krav – But if we’re up she turns our stream of warriors into an absolutely vicious stream of targeted removal. An absolute all-star here.

Celestial Force – Gains life each upkeep for low, low cost of nothing… Once it’s on the battlefield anyway.

Drana’s Emissary – Each of your Upkeep steps, get +1 life. It’s enough to trigger Regna with nothing else involved so that’s pretty fine.

Falkenrath Noble – Whenever one of our warriors makes the ultimate sacrifice, be it to Krav’s appetite or otherwise, Falkenrath Noble ensures that Regna has the fuel she needs to pump out two more.

Kambal, Consul of Allocation – Whenever an opponent drops a noncreature spell, Kambal makes sure they contribute the the ever-growing engine of the warriors as they do it.

Nyx-Fleece Ram – Blocks like a champ and gets us life every turn. It’s a firm okay.

Obzedat, Ghost Council – Much like the other Ghost Council, a constant engine of lifegain that’s pretty difficult to pin down. And what feeds the life total, feeds the board of dudes.

Pious Evangel – On the front, it’s a Soul Warden effect for your creatures, and then on the backside it turns into a Blood Artist effect for the same. Makes a powerful engine either way.

Shattered Angel – Turns your opponent’s lands into your dudes while also being a 3/3 flyer. That’s pretty strong. Even stronger if your opponents are ramping.

Soul Warden, Soul’s Attendant – The classic soul sisters. Good enough for Modern, and good enough for us too.

Sunscorch Regent – Turns all of our opponent’s spells into life and bonus power for our flyer. He gets out of hand super quick.

Suture Priest – Gains us life for making creatures and loses our opponents life for attempting the same.

Thrasher Brute – Turns all of our Warriors into little bits of life drain, so as well as all of Regna’s warriors triggering this, so do all of our incidental warriors and other warrior support – Which we’ll get to later.

Tithe Drinker – A lifedrinking weenie that comes strapped with Extort. It’s pretty fine.

Zulaport Cutthroat – Whenever we lose a guy, we gain some life, which makes more guys. Excellent card.

Bontu’s Monument – A pseudo-mana rock that turns all of our creatures into little life drains. Pretty excellent card.

Pristine Talisman – Makes mana and gains life on every tap. It’s pretty excellent for any lifegain deck.

Sun Droplet – Means we can eventually recoup any loss of life, which is pretty great as-is. The real benefit is that we can trigger this in each person’s upkeep, meaning that this can continually trigger Regna with next to no effort – all we have to do is get hurt, which should really not be that difficult.

Tablet of the Guilds – Triggers on almost any spell in our deck. Sometimes for two life too.

Campaign of Vengeance – A ridiculous lifegain engine AND a potential win condition? Sign me right up.

We do, of course, have some payoffs for lifegain aside from our lovely lady commander of course:

Lifegain Payoffs

Ajani’s Pridemate, Bloodbond Vampire – Similar creatures with the same effect, every time we gain life they just keep getting more power – Staples of the archetype.

Cliffhaven Vampire – With our focus on the amount of lifegain triggers rather than the amount of life gained, this guy can get real annoying for our opponents real quick.

Divinity of Pride – A pretty strong flying beater that comes with lifelink strapped, and gets bigger as long as you maintain a strong life total yourself.

Felidar Sovereign – The ultimate lifegain payoff. We keep this alive for one round with a strong enough life total and we just win on the spot.

Lone Rider – Alright on the front side, but on the back side he does a whole lot more, especially considering we only paid two mana in the first place.

Angelic Accord – As long as we can maintain a decent stream of lifegain, Accord can really pump out a lot of creatures a round.

Sunbond – An Aura? We may be asking to get 2-for-1’d but for that kind of a payoff? I’ll take that risk.

The biggest payoff, of course, is Regna bringing the party, so we of course need to have something to power them up:

Party Payoffs

Benalish Marshal – Straight up Anthem effect on a body, excellent card.

Blaring Captain, Blaring Recruiter – A second pair of Partners for the Partner deck, one that brings the boys and another that buffs them. Bear in mind that the creatures Regna brings to the table are also Warriors themselves and these guys sound like a screaming deal. Speaking of Warriors…

Chief of the Edge, Chief of the Scale – A pair of bears that buff all of your warriors, they’re pretty decent even with just a few tokens out.

Geist-Honored Monk – Some of our team players want to keep all the buffs for themselves, and Geist-Honored Monk is one of those players. She brings some flyers with her and then continues to benefit from keeping as many friends around as possible. In a similar vein…

Hanweir Militia Captain – Your friendly local cult leader also likes to bring the party with him, and benefits more the bigger the party. The downside of having to flip him is real but it’s a powerful combination of effects on the back side.

Mirror Entity – Fill it up with mana and watch your entire board go! The gaining of all creature types is even relevant here in itself with all the Warrior support in the deck so don’t forget to account for that when swinging out.

Phantom General – With the bulk of our force generally being made up of tokens, this is basically another straight up Anthem effect most of the time.

Hall of Triumph – You may have noticed that all of the tokens generated by this deck, and indeed most of the creatures in the deck, are White. So you should probably just go ahead and name that with this.

Spear of Heliod – Both an Anthem effect and a decent political tool to keep people away from your face. Generally a strong card for any situation.

Regna’s Sanction – Buffing your entire board and tapping out everyone else apart from a single blocker each? If you’re going wide enough this just ends games.

Rush of Battle – Even if this boardwide buff effect doesn’t just end the game outright, with the amount of life you should gain from this it will still put you ludicrously ahead.

Intangible Virtue – Allows all of our tokens to swing with absolute impunity without you needing to worry about the crackback – As well as pumping them up.

Raider’s Spoils – Increasing our killing potential while also providing a decently powerful card advantage engine. I’m fine with this.

Vault of the Archangel – Oh yeah there’s a land in here, and it’s one that straps a Basilisk Collar to our entire board. When we’ve gone wide enough, this can be backbreaking – Especially in combination with any of our anthem effects.

We also have a couple of value creatures who help out if we have to take a slight backup plan:

Plan C

Arvad the Cursed – Two relevant keywords for our deck, and the potential to not only give both of our commanders a fat power boost but also our incidental legendaries such as the Obzedat benefit greatly from his presence. Especially useful if we need to abandon the plan of running everyone down with dudes and instead just going for Krav or Regna commander damage.

Mortician Beetle – This one’s a love letter to Krav rather than Regna, being able to benefit from him being an absurdly powerful sacrifice outlet by gaining power alongside him.

Finally we have the glue that holds every deck together:

Draw, Ramp and Removal

Mentor of the Meek – The quintessential White Weenie draw engine, so we should probably use him considering we’re essentially a White Weenie deck.

Mindblade Render – Manaless card draw every turn as long as we can make it in with a warrior. Seems strong to me. As a fringe benefit, also counts if our opponent’s Warrior creatures hit opponents – Although that does involve them having some.

Bontu’s Monument, Oketra’s Monument – Yeah I know we already talked about Bontu’s monument but the fact is both of these cards advance our gameplan pretty hard, enabling us to power out our commanders quicker while making more dudes or life respectively.

Orzhov Cluestone, Orzhov Keyrune, Orzhov Signet, Sol Ring – Standard rock suite, the only particularly notable one is the Keyrune for being able to turn into a lifelinking blocker should we need it.

Skullclamp – Perhaps one of the strongest draw engines in the game, 1 mana and a 1/1 in exchange for two real cards is pretty excellent.

Death Grasp – Strong damage-based removal that also gains us some life. It’s more than fine.

Righteous Confluence – Makes us dudes, Gains us life or gets rid of powerful enchantments. Either way, this card is an absolute payday for us.

Solemn Offering – Pops an enchantment and gains us some life. It’s pretty fine.

Condemn – Shame we don’t get the life out of it but it’s a cheap and efficient answer to someone trying to beat us down.

Return to Dust – Exile target Artifact? Strong. Exile target Enchantment? Also strong. Exile target Erebos, God of the Dead and Tainted Remedy? Absolutely priceless.

Riot Control – So it’s not quite removal, but it deals with anyone trying to go wider and allows us to crack back if they were planning to take us out with an alpha swing.

Utter End – 4 Mana to remove target problem. There’s no reason to not run this really.

Then we have the land, which, aside from a couple of lifegain lands (Scoured Barrens, Radiant Fountain) and Shambling Vents, is just basic land.

So that’s the entire deck! Of course, given some more resources, there are certainly some powerful cards we could fill this deck with:

Better Lifegain Payoffs: Archangel of Thune, Crested Sunmare, Test of Endurance

These cards help make up for the fact that Regna will be public enemy number one most of the time by providing us with additional benefits for our many lifegain triggers. Archangel of Thune actually works best when paired with Regna but she’s hardly our only method of going wide. Crested Sunmare is almost a backup Regna entirely, providing us with creatures every end step we gain life. Test of Endurance is actually backup Felidar Sovereign more than anything, letting us win the game on the spot, and while the life threshold is a tad higher this is also a bit harder to remove.

Stax Pieces: Smokestack, Grave Pact, Authority of the Consuls

Yeah I said the “S” word, and I’ll say it again too! Smokestack in particular strikes me as an incredibly oppressive card in combination with Regna, who can be pumping out 2 creatures per player at the table with minimal setup to grind into the Smokestack. And if we sacrifice them to Smokestack, Krav or any other sacrifice outlet, we can strangle our opponents out of creatures too with Grave Pact and similar effects. Of course, if you want a light taxing element while still supporting the original plan, Authority of the Consuls is effectively a Soul Warden for our opponent’s creatures that also makes it harder for them to summon up a swift defence when we start going alpha.

The Good Stuff: Demonic Tutor, Teferi’s Protection, Vindicate

These are just a few general upgrades that should be in most decks in this colour combination – There are of course more, but that could be an article unto itself so I’ll leave it at those for now.

And there you have it, the first partner commanders to grace this humble series, and a doozy of a team they are. If you enjoyed the return of No-Cash Commander, go make your voice heard over on our Facebook Page, we’re very responsive and love to hear from fans!

Crazy out.

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