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Hello there hunters, on the look for the perfect weapon to snag your Sacred Prey? Well, I have the cards for you! Maybe. Probably. Well, actually, probably not, but hey they’ll be really interesting and you’ll get to see some weird cards, and that’s always fun!

An-Zerrin Ruins

Oh hey, someone designing Homelands must have really hated Zombies or Goblins, cuz this is absolutely brutal against tribal decks, especially ones that need to tap for stuff relatively regularly, like Slivers with Manaweft Sliver and the like.

Suleiman's Legacy

Should’ve gotten a reprint, Tempest Djinn and Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp tech. Standard literally unplayable, WOTC please nerf. Seriously, were there that many good Djinn around this time that this way even close to played? For the once in a Blood Sun that you encounter a Djinn / Efreet tribal deck, you’ll wreck house.

Tivadar's Crusade

Damn Krenko, Mob Boss, you better watch out, Tivadar of Thorn is comin to get you, The Dark style. This is monumentally devastating to like 3 decks, unless we got Arcane Adaptation / Xenograft + Donate in the house as well.

Bog-Strider Ash

Oh man Goblins, you are not going to have fun when I get through with this. Next-level mono-green 8-Whack sideboard tech in Modern, and next-level not-so-good creature hate in our favorite format, EDH. Maybe if someone plays a non-Krenko Goblin deck it’s okay, but otherwise I’d stride on by.

Brutal Suppression       Root Cage

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things is good! Brutal Suppression is just that, brutal, Root Cage is great, but there’s no Mercenary commander, but Suppression has Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero shaking in her boots. If you’re in the market for Tymna the Weaver Rebel + Mercenary deck, you better watch out for the infamous Gruul Anti-Prophecy Stax deck

Rashida Scalebane

Giving Dragon Hunter a run for their money, man oh man. Better watch out Scion of the Ur Dragon combo, bout to get annihilated as long as this white deck has a way to power this out and give it haste so it can actually kill your thing and you have no interaction.

Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore       Evil Eye of Urborg

Wait, hose my own creatures? What? Well, if you’re in black, perhaps you’re playing Demonic Pact and Harmless Offering, or maybe you’re plotting a Conspiracy, so maybe these are “better” than they look. Get it? Better than they LOOK? I’ll show myself out.

Masked Gorgon

Wow, the good old 5 mana 5/5 with no evasion that makes every green and white thing on board evasion from it. Was Judgement just so good that they needed to dial back on their essentially-vanilla black creatures? It gets okay-ish after Threshold, but man oh man it’s just equally bad either way I think. On the upside, if there’s no green or white in your meta, you’ve got a vanilla 5 mana 5/5.


Oh for goodness sake, who writes these articles? Wait, it’s me? Heck


Alright everyone, hope you enjoyed learning about some cards maybe you didn’t know about, or maybe chuckling about some cards you did! If you have any suggestions for future articles, please let me know! See you all around!

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