Legendary Encounters- Dominaria: A Multicoloured Dish

Legendary Encounters

Well hello there everyone! Yami here, with my first article in some time (first of the year in fact!) and how strange it is that I find myself writing a Legendary Encounters article! How on Earth did that happen? (I’ll tell you how, Crazy saw how many legendary creatures there are in the set and nearly fainted!). Hopefully by now you’ll have seen Crazy and Unmistakable’s run downs of all the mono-coloured legendaries, so to round it off, I’m going to be taking a (not so) quick look at all the multicoloured legendary creatures in Dominaria!

Adeliz, the Cinder Wind
Feel the burn in the air.
As a commander?
So you’re playing blue/red wizards yes? Yes. There is literally no other way to play Adeliz as your commander and not look crazy! That ability feels pretty darn good if you’re specifically running wizard tribal spell-slinger! Flying and haste are nice additions too, even if they’re on a 2/2!
In the 99?
Here is where I think Adeliz really finds her place. As a commander, I think the 2-colour combination restricts you a little for wizard tribal, however in the 99 she can go in a 3 or more colour deck, still have a nice effect on a big spell turn, and allow you something more powerful in the command zone! I think if you are running wizard tribal, Adeliz is a fantastic addition to your 99!
In other formats?
A 3-mana 2/2 flying, haste, with the ability to buff itself an others, in standard? I’m getting traumatic flashbacks to Jeskai aggro around the time of the Tarkir block! I feel like this could be a very powerful card in aggressive decks, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it become one of the more valuable uncommons in the set! Might just be aggressive enough for modern too!

Arvad the Cursed
Cursed to watch Vampire Knight.
As a commander?
Black/white legendary creature tribal? Arvad isn’t terrible, but he feels very limited! 5 mana for a 3/3 that only offers deathtouch and lifelink (and a buff to specific creatures) feels slightly expensive as a commander, but somebody might find a good use for him!
In the 99?
Arvad might be slightly better in the 99. Because he isn’t your commander, you could potentially open yourself up to 5-colour legendary tribal, and then Arvad becomes better because you have a much wider array of legendary creatures to buff!
Other formats?
As a 3/3 Deathtouch/Lifelink, Arvad could be a pretty powerful bomb in limited! He also has some potential in standard, given the massive amount of legendary creatures in Dominaria! I can’t imagine him appearing in modern or legacy though, as he feels too slow!

Aryel, Knight of Windgrace
As the sun sets, the knight rises
As a Commander
Aryel doesn’t personally excite me, but I could see an Orzhov knight tribal build I guess! My main issue is that Aryel requires turns of investment, and a board wipe sets you back to square one. With that being said, a more casual play group could probably find ways of making this a fairly effective commander!
In the 99
Again, Aryel feels a bit slow. A 4/4 for 4 with vigilance isn’t terrible, especially with a beneficial ability stapled too it, but I don’t imagine you getting more than one use out of this before someone cottons on and hits it with a kill spell!
In other formats
Now I’m not sure about standard constructed, but I think limited might just be where Aryel shines! If you can get a decent card pool, I honestly think you could build a super effective deck in draft/sealed using her as removal as well as a decent threat to your opponents life total!

Darigaaz, Reincarnated  
Simply eggcellent.
As a Commander?

Well he has a big body, and some awesome key words! If you’re looking to build a Jund deck that can win through commander damage, Darigaaz might not be a bad choice! He does cost 7 mana mind, although access to green does mean access to ramp! His ability to return 3 turns later at no extra cost is interesting, as it allows you to bring him back without having to recast him from your command zone, although your opponents may be wary of the clock, and save removal to deal with him! I think he could be great at a casual table, although I’m not to sure about a competitive one (although maybe someone will crack open a combo with him?)
In the 99 In the 99
I can see Darigaaz being a great addition to certain decks in the 99, especially given that it hasn’t been that long since Wizards gave us a five colour dragon pre-con! His ability to come back and keep applying pressure makes him a threat that needs to be dealt with repeatably, or exiled permanently! Much like as a commander though, I would expect him to do better in a deck that isn’t surrounded by combo decks!
In other formats
It’s hard to predict how Dominaria standard is going to look, but given some of the more powerful control pieces still in standard (I’m looking at you Fatal Push) I could see Darigaaz being the top end win-con in a Jund control build. Smack this guy down turn 7 and swing for 7 immediately, in a 20 life format that could easily win you the game! I’m not really sure if he’s going to see play in modern, vintage or legacy though, feels a bit expensive to me!

Firesong and Sunspeaker
A good old song and dance.
As a commander?
Firesong and Sunspeaker is interesting. In the right build, you could be dishing out a lot of damage and sustaining yourself for a while, however in a multiplayer format repeated single target burn will make you a board wide enemy quickly! In addition to this, red/white isn’t known for being the most powerful colour combination in commander! There is still potential there though, and it’s better than some other Boros commander options!
In the 99? 
I could see this in a spell-slinger deck, used to get a little extra sustain on a high damage turn. Possibly in a build of more than 2 colours, so you aren’t restricted to red/white. A 4/6 dor 6 mana with upside could be pretty good if you have the mana to follow it up before it gets killed!
Other formats
I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in a red deck wins style build in standard as a win con to help against other aggressive decks, keeping your life total up whilst you burn your opponents out. I feel like it may be a little too highly costed to see play in modern or legacy however, but I’m always happy to be surprised!

Garna, the Bloodflame
What’s the most red/black thing ever? Bloodflames!!!
As a commander?
I think Garna could be an interesting commander. Her ability to bring back all the creatures you’ve lost this turn, coupled with her having flash, gives her a lot of options. If you need to board wipe, or you want to sacrifice your creatures and then bring them back! I even think there might be an infinite combo somewhere with Garna in the command zone!

In the 99?

I think Garna could be just as powerful in the 99 (although less accessible) for the same reasons as mentioned above! In addition, she gives all your other creatures haste, for some interesting sacrifice/recast/attack shenanigans!

Other formats?

I could see Garna being a win-con in limited easily, allowing you to swing at your opponent, forcing them to block, and revive all the creatures you lost during combat! I also would not be surprised to see it pop up as the top end of a couple of standard control decks!

Grand Warlord Radha
The warlord of mana.
As a commander?
I like the look of Radha. I think if someone can come up with a good red/green storm build, he could be great! Reminds me a little of Neheb. the Eternal, but you get to keep the mana in your pool until the end of your turn! Having haste also means you can cast Radha from the command zone and immediately get at least 1 mana back even if he’s the only creature on your board, allowing for follow up plays!
In the 99?
Much like as a commander, I think Radha’s mana gaining ability could be great in a storm shell. Whilst perhaps not as reliable in the 99, due to needing to draw him first, he could still be effective if you really want someone else at the head!
In other formats?
I could easily see this being a powerful addition to standard, perhaps as a 2 of. Being able to drop this turn 4, swing some damage in straight away and gain mana to potentially cast more spells seems very powerful, especially as the trigger is upon attack, so you can use the mana to cast power boosting spells before damage! I could potentially even see this making it as far as modern if applied correctly!I could easily see this being a powerful addition to standard, perhaps as a 2 of. Being able to drop this turn 4, swing some damage in straight away and gain mana to potentially cast more spells seems very powerful, especially as the trigger is upon attack, so you can use the mana to cast power boosting spells before damage! I could potentially even see this making it as far as modern if applied correctly!

Hallar, the Firefletcher


Kick me again!

As a commander?

I feel like Hallar could be super powerful in the right build. There’s definitely a niche, but it’s a niche that can be built pretty easily I think! You don’t even need to play a massive amount of kicker spells, you can run cards that will give Hallar counters, and then when you do kick a spell, she’ll smack all your opponents at once for massive amounts, and with trample, commander damage will be a real threat!

In the 99? 

Whilst perhaps not as effective in the 99, 3 mana for a 3/3 trample that gets bigger and slaps your opponents is still pretty good in my eyes!

Other formats?

A must in both limited and standard aggro decks! Hallar is going to be a beast in 1v1 magic if built around properly, and I could see it being powerful enough to possibly creep into a couple of modern decks too!
Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain
Oh Captain, my Captain.
As a Commander
Ever since I started playing edh, I’ve always heard people complain about a lack of Red/Blue artifact commanders. Well it looks like Wizards have finally delivered! Honestly the value on Jhoira is mental in the right build. ‘I’m going to cast a mana rock, draw a card, use the mana rock to cast the card I drew, probably draw again’… yes please! I could honestly see Jhoira heading up some pretty competitive decks (she’s the right colour combo to run Kiki Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Splinter Twin, my favourite kind of combo) I might even look in to building her myself at some point! Plus a 3/3 for 4 mana with an effect like that seems great, especially when you could get her out as eraly as turn 2 (or dare I say even turn 1 in the right deck). I think she might be a competent alternative to Daretti, Scrap Savant for Red artifact decks!

In the 99
So everything I said about her as a commander applies here too. My main issue with having her in the 99 and not the command zone is that she can’t be recast straight away if she gets killed! However, having her in the 99 does allow you to use someone like Breya, Etherium Shaper as your commander and run an additional 2 colours! Even if Jhoira only sticks around for a turn, you could still draw a couple of free cards off her, so if you’re already running an artifact deck, she seems like a great addition!
In other formats
I feel like I might be repeating myself, but Jhoira could be great card advantage in a standard deck! The fact that her ability is triggered by legendaries and sagas as well as artifacts means she can fit into multiple deck builds, and a 3/3 body isn’t a bad thing to have around! You might even find people making use of her with a lot of Kaladesh cards before they rotate out!

Jodah, Archmage Eternal
I wanted all the colours!
As a commander?
Jodah is interesting indeed, considering Wizards gave us a tribal wizard deck not too long ago! He could work as a tribal commander, or just as a five-colour value enabler! My biggest issue is that in order to make full use of his ability, you need a deck where a decent portion of the cards cost over 5 mana, whilst also having enough fixing to allow you access to all five colours early on. That strikes me as a balance that would be quite difficult to find. This doesn’t mean Jodah is bad however, as there are some combinations that could be extremely powerful (Omniscience for 5 mana, for example!)
In the 99?
My issues with Jodah as a commander are amplified when he is placed in the 99. Whilst he might be useful for casting high cost cards, if in the 99 you either need to spend a tutor spell finding him, or draw him, and that doesn’t feel awfully worth it or reliable when you could substitute him for more ramp (assuming you’re playing 5-colour).
In other formats?
Whilst I may end up being pleasantly surprised, I can’t see anyone using an effective 5-colour deck in standard any time soon, and even less so in modern or legacy (and if they did, they’d be wanting lower curves than Jodah demands!)
Muldrotha, the Gravetide

Rise, from the ashes!
As a Commander
So Muldrotha sounds fun! The ability to play multiple cards from your graveyard every turn opens up a lot of potential, in particular for bringing back powerful synergies and even combos! The only downside is that you have to cast the cards, so you need plenty of excess mana, but with repeatable ramp spells that seems easy enough, I would think! Muldrotha feels like the kind of commander that could easily be casual or competitive depending on how you build him!
In the 99
As a 6/6 for 6, I could probably think of better cards for the 99 to be honest. Sure his ability his powerful, but without the ability to recast him, he’s going to be a very big target, and someone is going to remove him fast (if they know what’s good for them!). Personally, this guy is a ‘in the command zone or not at all’ kind of guy for me!
In other formats
There is definitely potential for Muldrotha to work in standard. Blue has a decent suite of counterspells at the moment (See Negate and Dispel) so if you can keep him alive, you could get some game changing value out of him!

Raff Capashen, Ship’s Mage


Flash! Ah ah! Savior of historic spells!

As a commander?

So basically, a 3/3 flying Vedalken Orrery  with 2 colours in its ID. I think that’s pretty decent yeah! Oh yeah, but all your legendaries and sagas have flash too! I think this guy could be pretty awesome!

In the 99? 

Pretty much the same thing as above! I think if you’re running a deck with a lot of artifacts, this guy could be a really addition, allowing you to flash in some nasty surprises for your opponents (Image flashing in an Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite!)

Other formats? 

Another creature that could be really good in limted, especially sealed/draft Dominaria! Giving all your other legendary creatures flash could be really powerful! For similar reasons, I could see this guy making an appearance in some midrange or control builds in standard too!

Rona, Disciple of Gix


Let’s repeat history.

As a commander?

Rona being cheap is good. You’ll need to cast her, activate her ability, and then cast the exiled card before your opponent can remove her, because once she’s gone, the cards exiled will stay in exile forever, recasting her won’t allow you to cast cards exiled with her the previos time she was on board! With this being said, she can still give you some good card advantage if you can keep her alive, and if you have a way to manipulate the top card of your library, you could also use her to just get remove a card you don’t need, and thin your deck!

In the 99?

Realistically, Rona is as effective in the 99 as she is as a commander, as having her in the command zone and recasting her doesn’t give her that much of an advantage! I can see her working well in conjunction with cards such as Sensei’s Divining Top to help you manipulate which cards get exiled! In the right deck she could be powerful, but I wouldn’t say she’s an auto-include.

In other formats?

Once again, I feel Rona could be okay for card advantage in standard, but my biggest concern here would be her low toughness, combined with the massive amount of removal in standard at the moment! If you can protect her long enough to make use of her then great, but be aware that she might be better replaced with something else!

Shanna, Sisay’s Legacy


Your legacy will live on, captain.

As a commander?

So Shanna is an interesting one. She isn’t hexproof, but she can’t be targeted by abilities your opponents control. This means she can still be effected by removal spells (or other spells for that matter) but can’t be touched by, say, Planeswalker abilities your opponents control! This gives her a cool mid-point between vulnerable and invulnerable that feel might be more useful than people initially realise! In addition to this, she’s cheap, and her power/toughness ability means she’d fit right in with a white/green creature/token deck! I could also see her being rather effective in a voltron style deck, with her semi-protection!

In the 99?

I think whilst less effective in the 99, Shanna could still pose a threat to your opponents if left unchecked. Her ability protection, and potential to become quite powerful, means if left alone, she could deal some big damage in the right deck!

In other formats?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Shanna appear in some slightly more aggressive decks in standard, with her being cheap to cast and potentially very powerful! Dropping her turn 2 followed by Oketra’s monument turn 3 could lead to some powerful synergies! Sram’s expertise on turn 4 makes Shanna much bigger out of nowhere too, so already we have a possible turn 2, 3, 4 string! Expect to see her pop up at least somewhere!


Slimefoot, the Stowaway


Burger King foot fungus?

As a commander?

Who would have ever thought you’d look at a commander and think ‘I’m going to build Saproling tribal’? Okay, so there probably aren’t enough cards to build saproling tribal yet (hint hint Wizards!) but this guy could be fun at a casual table! Create a few tokens, then drop Saproling Symbiosis to double the amount of saprolings you have, and then start throwing them under the bus! It’s not exactly a competitive level strategy, but honestly I think it could be gimmicky and fun!

In the 99?

The life drain effect on Slimefoot could be useful, but it could also irritate your opponents and cause them to kill Slimefoot quickly. In addition to this, there are probably better cards you could run in the 99 if you’re looking to generate tokens!

In other formats?

I could see him being a bit of a value engine in standard if you can keep him alive, creating attackers/blockers that then drain life when they die! He’s also a 2/3 for 3, which isn’t terrible! I also think that he’s be a really good pick in limited/draft, where the smaller amount of removal could cause him to be a value powerhouse!


Tatyova, Benthic Druid


The land gives back.

As a commander?5

5 mana for a 3/3 that gives card advantage and a life isn’t terrible, but it just isn’t the most amazing thing in the world either. I’m sure that Tatyova has her applications, but I can’t help but think there are better green/blue commanders out there!

In the 99?

I could see her being better in the 99, with a beneficial ability and an okay body, without having to clog up the command zone! In a deck of more than 2 colours, you have access to more fetch lands, enabling you to trigger Tatyova’s ability multiple times in the same turn!

In other formats?

Tatyova could potentially show up as a 1 or 2 of in some control builds in standard, helping to fix the problem of drawing a land late game when you need something a little better. It could even be a sideboard card for control mirror matches, helping you to get the edge over your opponent!


Tiana, Ship’s Caretaker


I’ve got a fix for this!

As a commander?

Immediately I can see Tiana heading up a commander damage voltron deck. The ability to  keep bringing back your auras and equipment’s is powerful, and makes it a lot more difficult for your opponents to stop you, as they’ll need repeatable removal/counter-spells! In addition to this, you may notice that Tiana’s ability does not just affect your own auras and equipment’s, but in fact, you have the option to give your opponents some of theirs back as well! Perhaps this could lead to some interesting plays in multiplayer games? On top of all that, she has flying and first strike too, making her even more difficult to block!

In the 99?

Whilst I don’t feel she would be as effective in the 99, Tiana could still be a useful addition to a voltron deck based around someone other than herself. Of course she cannot bring herself back however, so be weary of this!

In other formats?

A flying, first strike, 3/3 for 5 mana is definitely incredible in limited. In addition to this, she might also find her way into some more aggressive standard builds, as a nice middle to higher end card to help deal those last few points of damage!

Traxos, Scourge of Kroog


Multicolured? Nah mate.

As a commander?

As a commander I don’t think Traxos is particularly inspired. Sure he’s a 7/7 for 4, but he enters tapped, and doesn’t untap unless you play a historic spell. Given that as a commander you’d be restricted to colourless, this may as well mean artifacts and the odd legendary. He isn’t awful, but if I were running a colourless commander deck, I can think of better people at the top than him!

In the 99? 

Traxos is definitely better in the 99. Having him in a deck with colours opens up the amount of things that can untap him, and drawing into a 7/7 for 4 seems pretty good! If you need a fairly simple, cheap beat stick, he’s good!

In other formats? 

I think Traxos is probably going to shine more in other formats than he does in commander! in 60 card constructed, a 7/7 for 4 is much better, even if you need to play other historic spells to untap him (Dominaria is littered with them!) and I could see him being fun when you attack with him, then flash in a gearhulk to untap him and block during your opponents combat! Standard, and potentially limited too, may find some good uses for this guy!


So there we have the multi-coloured legendaries of Dominaria! Hopefully this article has been of some help, and a fun read! As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you soon!


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