The (hopefully) Triumphant return of Rain of Salt


Hi all, Crazy here.

So some of you may have noticed that we’ve not really posted anything for the past 4 months or so. There are some reasons behind this, but the short version is that we just burned ourselves out trying to maintain far too packed an article schedule when balancing it with our other commitments.

We figure that you don’t deserve half-hearted articles, and frankly we don’t want to give them to you either so here’s our promise to you all:

  • You can expect at least one high-quality article per week rotating between authors, which means you should expect your regular favourites like No-Cash Commander and Points of Synergy to resume shortly, along with some new articles.

As a teaser of articles to come, Entrynode is taking our first look at the Brawl format with a budget Dovin Baan list, Unmistakable will be tackling the big modern shakeups we missed in our absence and I’ll be doing a two-part Legendary Encounters for Dominaria, followed by the comeback of No-Cash Commander with one of my favourite creatures from the set – Gruun, the Lonely King.

Crazy out.

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