Points of Synergy – Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit

Greetings, soldiers and soldierettes! Unmistakable here with another round of Points of Synergy! This week we’ve got the mono white ghost-with-the-most (if you like +1/+1 counters), Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit!

The Commander

dead annie

Anafenza is an interesting choice for the commander slot. She’s small, and has a limiting colour identity (if I had a penny for every monowhite deck I’ve seen in edh, I’d still be a very poor man), but she’s got a few things going for her:

Firstly, she’s a small body, for 2 mana. Her aggressive mana cost is great for an aggressive deck, allowing the deck to always have a turn 2 play and to always have a presence in the early turns of a game regardless of the state of mulligan. Her measly 2/2 body unfortunately means that she won’t remain relevant in combat for long, but we’ll see what we can do with that, shall we?

1) Whenever another non-token creature enters the battlefield under your control, Bolster 1.

This, right here, is interesting. It’s an engine effect, that can end up being quite abusable in the right shell. Annie’s colour combination is a bit limited in mono white (with green she can make an infinite life combo with Kitchen Finks¬†and a sac outlet), but at the very least her engine can grind out a TON of value in monowhite.


falconerThe first thing to come to mind when looking at Annie are the Outlast lords, such as Abzan Falconer or Abzan Battle Priest. Anafenza’s flexible Bolster ability allows you the option of sprinkling counters over your entire field. Drawing and playing one of these (perhaps at instant speed, with Aether Vial, or Quicksilver Amulet?) can drastically change the tide of battle. Being tied to permanents, inability to properly deal with them can allow you to keep a constant pressure on, too!

It’s becoming a combo staple; Panharmonicon is another great inclusion for Anafenza. With two bolsters every time a non-token creature lands can quickly get out of hand. If you can guarantee multiple creatures a turn (a tough task for nontokens, but there are ways around it), those extra counters stack up very quickly.

As for multiple non-token creatures, we could use reanimation,reveillark such as Karmic Guide or Reveillark. Each of these triggers trigger Annie multiple times, as well as giving you the additional benefits of the reanimation target (like extra draws with Mentor of the Meek). With a sac outlet, these two particular cards go infinite as well, clearing your graveyard of 2 power creatures (making tons more Anafenza triggers – infinite even!). Combine it with Soul Warden or Suture Priest and you’ve got yourself an infinite life combo right there too – make the sacrifices through an Altar of Dementia and you’ve decked the table!


That just about covers Dead Annie, guys. What do you think? High Spirits? Doesn’t stand a Ghost of a chance? Feel free to let me know on Facebook! For now though guys, Unmistakable out.



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