Points of Synergy – Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor

Hey there Ladies and Gents, and welcome to a little segment I’d like to call Points of Synergy, a bitesize look at how to get the best from your commander. With this segment, I’ll be moving alphabetically, making sure no (current) commander goes untalked about. Today, it’s Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor!

The Commander


Aboshan himself has his own niche carved as one of the few Cephalid tribal commanders. While its a narrow niche, he makes up for it by bringing two powerful activated abilities!

1) Tap a cephalid you control: Tap target permanent.

This is a powerful ability, as it does what you need it to without investing further mana into it, putting your Cephalids always in position to present some Opposition. That card always feels inherently unfair, and this is an opportunity to give it legs for an extra 2 mana!

2) UUU: Tap all creatures without flying.

His second ability doesn’t disappoint either! For a paltry 3 mana he can disable an offensive if you’re expecting an alpha strike from the filthy non-octopus opponents. Of course it has downsides, 1) all fliers are completely unimpeded, 2) if you’re running Cephalid tribal, all of your guys are also going to get tapped. Luckily, an activation of this also allows the activation of Cephalid Opposition in response, locking up more than just creatures (lands or fliers, too!). Though enough about Aboshan, how about his favourite pieces of synergy?


Riptide Replicator – If there aren’t enough Cephalids for your taste, you could always make some more! The replicator allows you to take full advantage of Aboshan’s Opposition ability, releasing a steady stream of Cephalids to allow you to lock up opposing landbases or creature forces! As a nice little addition, it can be used in a pinch to generate instant speed blockers, or can have the riptidecharge counters proliferated to begin pumping out Kraken-sized Cephalids!

Archetype of Imagination – Remember those downsides I mentioned on Aboshan’s second ability? Poof. Gone. The Archetype landing gives your field flying (As does Wonder if youre looking for redundancy) and provides the very valid extra of removing flying from your opponents’ creatures, allowing one sided lockdowns of opposing creatures! Combine this with a Stormtide Leviathan and the board is pretty heavily locked if you can protect your archetype!

aboshansdesireAboshan’s Desire – Our third spicy bit of synergy is also a Flavour Win. Kitting Aboshan out with his desire grants flying, which is great for locking up opposing boards while leaving Aboshan untouched for an emergency tapdown if need be. Once threshold is reached (easy if you’re running Cephalid tribal – things like Cephalid Broker or Cephalid Aristocrat offer very quick ways to fill your graveyard up), he gains shroud too, so your synergistic tapping machine becomes nigh untouchable by removal! Save counterspells for boardwipes or slap a Darksteel Plate on before the aura and have him never leave your side!


That covers it for this Points of Synergy, I’m liking the idea of a little bitesize synergies page but as always I’d love to hear feedback! If you like what you see make sure to like our Facebook page for more updates! For now though, Unmistakable out.

One thought on “Points of Synergy – Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor

  1. Dismiss into Dream – This lets you wipe out opponents’ creatures without hexproof/shroud.
    Willbreaker – Steal everything

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